Room layout Capra Verspieren Stade de France

VIP dressing room makeover at the Stade de France

For the Verspieren insurance group, the challenge was to transform a lodge using as many pre-existing elements as possible. In order to do so, after having studied the requirements and communication objectives, an inventory allowed us to ldraw a list of all the elements in good condition.
Before After Plan Showroomvue loge
Based on these observations, in the same way as home staging, our designer modelled a first project that fed into the discussion with the sponsors, the project was adapted to its current form.
Before After Intérieur Showroom
Specialist in building and construction insurance, Capra and Verspieren dedicate this place to the reception of professionals in the building and individual housing. Several decorative elements were created to evoke this universe: natural stone on the wall to frame the logos, with inlay of square mirrors, as many small open windows, metal table legs reminiscent of the shape of a crane or a building structure, photos printed on glass.
A warm colour was selected with the customers and a custom-made sandblasted glass table was selected to be placed in front of the bay window.

Room layout Capra Verspieren stade de France

VIP lodge layout at the Stade de France