Saipem Gastech London

Hit two targets with one bullet

SAIPEM regularly participates in two international trade fairs, Gastech and LNG. That year, the proximity of these two events made the exhibitor’s choice of a reusable exhibition stand a priority.

These two exhibitions took place in London (GB) and Houston (USA), so the stand had to be transportable and modular.

Technistand’s operational response:

In the highly codified world of Oil and Gas, stands are often presented in a range of colours dominated by white and blue.

To stand out, the decision was made to break this colour code and use the colour range of one of our customer’s brochures.

Used for a few years to make stands with curved shapes, the idea was to break this habit and differentiate itself from previous shows, and to design square shapes. For a few years it was customary to make stands with curved shapes, but in order to break this habit and differentiate itself from previous shows, it was decided to design square shapes.

Quitte à faire « du carré », pourquoi ne pas pousser l’exercice à son paroxysme ? En collaboration avec le responsable marketing de SAIPEM, une sélection de couleur fut retenue. Judicieusement réparties, toutes ces couleurs ne manquèrent pas d’attirer les regards et l’intérêt des visiteurs.

Les formes cubiques présentaient l’avantage d’être très modulables. Démontées, mises en caisses et transportées en container, elles furent remontées aux USA sur une surface plus grande et implantées différemment pour s’orienter au mieux par rapport aux circulations du salon.

If you have to do “something square”, why not push the exercise to its peak? In collaboration with SAIPEM’s marketing manager, a colour selection was decided upon. Wisely distributed, all these colours did not fail to attract the attention and interest of visitors. The cubic shapes had the advantage of being very modular. Dismantled, crated and transported in containers, they were reassembled in the USA on a larger surface and installed differently to orient themselves as well as possible in relation to the exhibition traffic.

Saipem Gastech London

hit two targets with one bullet