As an ephemeral representation of your company, your exhibition stand has the power to make a lasting impact in the minds of your customers, prospects, partners, suppliers and employees. 

Your company participates in a trade show, fair or congress: to maximize the visibility of your exhibition stand, rely on a trusted partner who understands you and speaks your language. technistand designs and builds your exhibition stand, guaranteeing you the peace of mind necessary to meet your priorities. From the origin of the project to delivery and dismantling, technistand takes care of everything, meeting your requirements and your results objectives.


  • Single-use exhibition stand
  • Reusable exhibition stand
  • Mobile exhibition stand
  • Personalised exhibition stand
  • Exhibition stand designed by you
  • Outdoor exhibition stand

Which type of exhibition stand to choose?

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Single-use exhibition stand

Mobile exhibition stand

Personalised exhibition stand

Reusable exhibition stand


Outdoor exhibition stand


The single-use exhibition stand is specially designed for your company, for a given event. Set up according to the technical constraints related to the place where it will be set up, your exhibition stand conveys your image, enhances your products and/or services. A custom-made exhibition stand, sometimes called “traditional exhibition stand”, mainly made by carpenters, that precisely meets your needs for an event (exhibition, fair, show). Manufactured, assembled and dismantled by our team for your company, your exhibition stand is at your disposal throughout the duration of the event.

The single-use exhibition stand concept is ideal if you exhibit infrequently, on a wide variety of surfaces, or for specific needs at each exhibition. It is the very type of exhibition stand that allows you to renew your image at each exhibition and adapt it to your marketing communication.


Designed as a single-use exhibition stand but made with appropriate materials and techniques, your exhibition stand can be used several times. Once put together, it allows you to carry out the same configuration on the basis of the same surface, or partially reused, it can be completed to match the constraints of different shows. The reusable exhibition stand is ideal for participation in several trade fairs over a given period of time or for commercial animation… Designed for you and custom-made, your reusable exhibition stand meets your needs in every respect and conveys your company’s image to your target audience, it is part of a sustainable development approach.

From the design of the project to the realization, assembly, dismantling and storage of your exhibition stand, technistand takes care of all the steps.


Your mobile exhibition stand will accompany you from one exhibition to another, wherever you need to go. Tailor-made to your specifications and based on standard elements, the mobile exhibition stand presents your company’s image to the general public and professionals at exhibitions, shows, fairs or for entertainment. The materials used to build the mobile exhibition stand are carefully chosen to ensure that your exhibition stand has the durability it needs to accompany you wherever you need to go. A mobile exhibition stand that perfectly meets environmental constraints. For your peace of mind, technistand takes care of everything, including the replacement of consumables (carpet, posters, etc.).
This exhibition stand concept is interesting if your company regularly participates in trade shows, exhibitions or trade events. Mounted and dismantled, it is moved from one place to another by us and stored between two uses.


Some large companies choose to have an exhibition stand graphic charter drawn up by an independent design office, generally when the graphic charter is renewed, in order to standardize its image across the various exhibitions in which its subsidiaries participate. This charter lays the foundations for 3D creation: general shapes of partitions, displays, furniture, logo positioning, visual appearance, colours, materials, etc. 

Technistand provides the resources of its own design office to assimilate these parameters and create your personalised exhibition stand according to your own conditions of use. It is then manufactured by all the specialists that work with us: carpenters, printers, electricians… This exhibition stand can be designed for single use and may also be totally or partially reusable, or as a mobile exhibition stand.

Technistand manages all operations, so that your personalised exhibition stand fully meets your company’s requirements and respects your visual identity, for maximum impact.


For years, technistand has been working in partnership with other design offices and design agencies based abroad, Germany, Italy, Japan, USA, who maintain contact with the exhibitor and design the project. We partner to create all or part of an exhibition stand, and this collaboration allows us to pool our skills to meet the needs of exhibitors. Sometimes it is your own designers who design the project, and we are responsible for carrying it out. Particularly appreciated for its technical skills, technistand is a trusted partner in the construction of exhibition stands, from the simplest to the most complex.

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